Great Alaska Salmon Fishing on The Nushagak River

There’s one reason why over 90% of our anglers return
to our Nushagak King Salmon Camp... They catch fish!

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One Trip with Us, and You’ll be Hooked.

A trip to an Alaska Fishing Camp is best when you catch fish. That’s what we focus on at Jakes Nushagak Fishing Camp. Our Nushagak
River Fishing Camp offers comfortable tent accommodations and a “It’s your trip” approach to fishing. You’ll find the best of
Alaskan King Salmon Fishing and our Alaska Fly Fishing Camp enjoys repeat business from anglers year after year.

When you’re ready for the best salmon fishing in Alaska, you want Nushagak River Salmon Fishing. In Alaska, we grow them big, and our
Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge will place you right in the center of the action. For Alaskan King
Salmon Fishing, you won’t find a better Alaska Salmon Camp.

Fish 2 hours a day or 20 hours a day – with 19 hours of daylight, you can enjoy Nushagak River Salmon Fishing nearly all day and
night long. You’ll arrive at our camp via seaplane, and we’ll head out each day to the best Alaska Salmon Fishing anywhere. This
Alaska Salmon Camp thrives on our guides and their knowledge of where the fish are. Huge Alaska King Salmon are caught
every single day because there are thousands who return to our waters every year.

Nushagak River Salmon Fishing is an experience anglers dream of. Our Nushagak River Fishing Camp offers the type of Alaska
King Salmon Fishing experience you’ve always wanted. Tucked far away from civilization, yet with all the comforts of home, you’ll
 find our Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge has enough amenities to be comfortable with no frills that make you forget where you are.

Our Alaska Salmon Camp features some of the best food you’ll find at any Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge. Best of all, you’ll find Alaska
King Salmon on the menu several times a week. Our Alaska Salmon Fishing Lodge features our own pastry chef for freshed baked
breads, desserts and pastries daily. Our breakfast buffet starts you out right, with delicious rib-sticking foods that will prepare you
for a great day of the best Alaska Salmon Fishing available anywhere.

Nushagak River Salmon Fishing will hook you with access to Alaska Salmon that you’ll catch every day. We’ll vacuum pack and freeze
 to keep it fresh for your return trip. Your friends will be lined up to return with you on your next Alaskan King Salmon
Fishing excursion, and we’ll be happy to welcome you back to our Alaska Salmon Camp.