Alaska Fishing Camps

There is no regimentation at our fishing camps.

You can fish 18 hours a day or 2 hours, and forget about time schedules! Our goal is to have you enjoy this unique fishing camp to its maximum potential, without the common headaches of everyday life.

Our camps have spacious tents, with carpeted floors and comfortable bunks.

We also boast hot showers, complete kitchen facilities for restaurant-quality meals, and modern radio gear.

Every effort is made to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Yet our policy of only two anglers per tent allows for privacy and three anglers maximum per boat provides an exceptional experience for the discriminating sportsman. Meals, which are always a first-class affair, are served family style in the dining tent. Steaks, roast, turkey, fresh salads, home-made rolls, and if you desire, salmon is on the menu throughout your stay. The only thing our anglers are wanting after leaving the dinner table is time to sleep off their meal before hitting the water for a late evening workout with a tackle busting king salmon.

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