Your Hosts:
Ralph and Camille Greene

Ralph grew up living and breathing the outdoors, originally from Pennsylvania he moved to Wyoming living on a dream of becoming an outfitter and hunting big game animals in the area. He successfully started a business and has been in the outfitting and guiding arena since early 2002. Alaska became his 2nd love after exploring and hunting on the North Slope near Dead Horse, AK

Starting at an early age Camille explored the outdoors with her dad; hunting and fishing around her small home town in Wyoming before joining the military at age 17 wanting to follow in her father’s foot-steps. Fast forward 20 years, she is still currently serving in the Utah 19th Special Forces Group, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. And when she isn’t out Soldiering, Camille spends her off time in Alaska with her family on the lake near the river we all currently fish.

Together Ralph and Camille had a rare and unique opportunity to purchase the slice of heaven on the Nushagak River over 8 years ago. Funny enough the previous owner traded a buffalo hunt for a 7 day DIY stay, and for a chance to “look over” the place. It didn’t take long for the pair to fall in love with not only the camp but the amazing fishery that we have all grown to love and return to year in and year out. Together with their 3 kids they have shared many adventures with clients from all over the World coming to fish at the camp. As luck would have it, another couple who wanted to retire allowed them to take over their camp as well. And this today is where the main camp is located, at the former Bristol Bay Adventures Lodge. The place boasts a large lodge roomy enough to feed 36 clients at a time, it has a fireplace that gets fired up to take the chill off of the morning as well as to dry out any gear that may be wet from the day before from fishing. The new place also came with 8 comfy cabins, as well as an unlimited potential to grow.

“We won’t be losing the family style atmosphere,”-Camille says, “we are just trying to be a more accommodating camp, and still provide a great service while doing it.”

Ralph and Camille Greene welcome you to the best King Salmon fishing available anywhere.