Jake’s Alaska Gear List

Book your salmon fishing trip to Alaska and sign up for serious fun fishing action. Rods, reels, and tackle are furnished, bring your appetite for adventure.

Full Service Guided King Salmon Fishing Camp

Duffle Bag for main bag
Sleeping bag with a 20 degree rating.
(We can furnish a bag upon request for $100.00. It will be yours to take home or we will donate it to the local school sport program for fund raising events. All sporting events are long distance and require aircraft travel.)

In your carry-on
Rain Gear (Tops and Bottoms of good quality)
Personal Medications
Fishing license and King stamp

In your Main bag or Ice chest
Hip Boots or Waders are not necessary if you have good rain bottoms and rubber boots (They may be beneficial for shore fishing during a high tide, no felt soles)
long Underwear 1 or 2 sets
Socks (Plan a pair per day of your trip)
2 changes of clothes
Sunglasses (Polarized)
Bug Spray  (ULTRATHON from 3M)
Sun Screen
Camp shoes (Rubber bottom)
House shoes/slippers(for walking in the lodge, we want to keep the floors clean)
Jacket (Fleece or down filled) … (Expect low 40’s at night and 60’s during the day).
Flashlight (Night trip to the John)
Personal Hygiene items (Towel, wash cloth, tooth brush)
Casual clothes for your Anchorage stay and airplane flights
48-60 Quart Ice chest (Bring in your favorite drinks) (Take out your fish)
Alcoholic beverages (Bring in your Ice chest)
Travel coffee cup (insulated)

Fishing license & King Salmon stamp
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Fishing Rods & Reels are furnished at camp as well as Bait casting lures and tackle. If you want to bring your own gear please do so but it is not necessary.

Luggage Please remember you will fly in small aircraft. Soft duffle bags are recommended for traveling ease. Please keep your gear weight to the minimum suggested.

Please remember that weather and fishing conditions often change rapidly. Be prepared. It is not necessary to bring the entire list but use good judgment and bring the items you feel are best for you and your comfort.

The weather during your visit will most likely be in the 40’s at night and 60’s during the day but can sometimes be either colder or warmer. You will have around 19 hours of sunlight a day so come rested as you will probably wear yourself out fishing most of those hours.

Please bring an Ice Chest. Most folks use it to bring their favorite beverage into camp and take their fish home. We have fish boxes but if for any reason it gets separated from your luggage an Ice Chest will preserve your fish frozen for a longer perio